3. Energy Metering Solution:

Energy Metering System was designed for measurement data acquisition in electricity delivery between the power plant and the electrical grid or between transmission lines and distribution lines. Therefore, it is used in power stations, electrical trading companies, factories as well as transmission and distribution units.

Components of the system:

  • Electric Meter
  • Current Transformer
  • Voltage Transformer
  • Secondary wires and cables for measurement
  • Equipment for collecting data and data transmission lines
  • Safety protection devices, sealing position, lead clamp
  • Auxiliary equipment for experiment, voltage transformer device, equipment for checking voltage and current

– Specifications for electric meters:

  • Type 3-phase 4-wire
  • Multi-function and programmable meter
  • Complex tariff capabilities
  • Four-quadrant energy measurement
  • Load profile data
  • Meter reading via local connection or remote multi-drop connection
  • Internal clock and calendar with battery back-up
  • Multiple levels of password
  • Load profile storage for at least 60 days (30 minute period) and programmable integration period

– System model:

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